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The shawl 'Selchidh'

The shawl 'Selchidh'

The design of this shawl is based on an ancient Scottish/Irish myth.The weft is almost entirely woven in clasped weft and with all kinds of art yarn. The shawl mainly contains wool from Northern breeds, including Jämtland2 sheep, Gottland (Gotland) and Finnsheep.
The top half of the shawl represents the seal with its mottled grey-brown fur. It has an attached collar of felted wool with a seal leather look and a furry brim of Gottland wool. 
The lower half of the shawl refers to the sunlight zone of the ocean, where corals, seaweed sponges, and many sea creatures can be found. This half also symbolizes the feminine element of the Selkie, with warm colors and elegant, almost romantic, movements of the underwater world.The shawl pin is made of driftwood, found on a Danish beach, an oyster polished by sea and sand, and a very old, fossilized shell. It is decorated with self-cast silver bladderwrack

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