Tricky Thread Studio

Tricky Thread Studio is located in Brummen-Gelderland.
The studio is run by Ineke de Brouwer and her Twisted Sister.

At Tricky Thread Studio the knowledge of the age-old of spinning and weaving is used to realize modern projects.

Basically, the technique of spinning and weaving has remained the same, but the innovation of the tools has made spinning and weaving much more accessible. Tricky Thread Studio has a lot of knowledge of classic spinning and weaving as well as newer art yarns.

Ineke spins and weaves preferably with 'curls' such as mohair, wish-ley and teeswater. Also 'soft' fibers like merino, polwarth, cashmere and silk. She is also interested in 'vegetarian' fibers such as bamboo, seacell, rami and soya. Ineke has a lot of experience as a teacher for adults and is known for her patience, creativity and resolving ability.

Ineke likes to experiment, she paints her unspun fiber in the oven. For this she uses techniques she learned from Alet Tienpont (textielwerk Wol enzo)

Tricky thread studio can be visited by appointment. When Ineke is present in the studio there is always the possibility to 'join' with your project. Tricky Thread Studio's quiet and relaxing look is a guarantee for a satisfying result of your effort.


Tricky Thread in Peru