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Tricky Thread Studio

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Tricky Thread Studio is located in Brummen-Gelderland.
The studio is run by Ineke de Brouwer and her Twisted Sister. 

At Tricky Thread Studio, the knowledge of ancient spinning and weaving is used in a peaceful and inspiring environment to realize sustainable, modern art projects.
Basically, the technique of spinning and weaving has remained the same. Innovation in tools has made spinning and weaving much more accessible in recent years. Tricky Thread Studio has extensive knowledge of classic spinning and weaving, as well as the newer art yarns.

Tricky Thread Studio works with all kinds of fibers. 'Soft' fibers such as merino, polwarth, cashmere and silk, but also 'curls', such as mohair, Wensleydale and Teeswater are widely used. As well as 'vegetarian' fibers such as bamboo, seacell, rami and soya. 
Both sisters love to experiment with fibers and paint. For this they use techniques they have learned from, among others, a  Alet Tienpont (textile work Wool and stuff), Suzy Brown (Woolwench), Jan Massie (Just 4 Ewe Studio/Gallery), Natalie Redding (Rescue Method)

Tricky Thread Studio can be visited by appointment.


Tricky Thread in Peru

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