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The Luna is an innovative new wheel, designed to be so smooth it makes spinning a breeze. The extra stability of the inline design and het drive system combine to provide a lovely spinning experience on a wheel that is responsive and easy to use.

An interesting aspect of Luna is the orientation of the drive wheel, with the spin direction towards or away from the spinner.

Luna comes standard with four lightweight black plastic molded bobbins. Luna is fitted with a five groove pulley which gives you ratios ranging from 6:1 to 14:1. It comes equipped with the fine flyer with the smooth round ceramic orifice – ideal for spinning traditional yarns. The orifice height, measured from the fine flyer orifice is 690mm from the floor.

Luna weighs in at 7 kilos (15.4 pounds), enough to add stability yet still easy to pick up and move around as needed.

Delivery time approximately 4 weeks.

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